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When it comes to your wedding day,you cant afford to leave anything to chance. This is why you need to make arrangements well in advance. This applies to everything from catering supplies and decor, to the actual venue itself. In fact that is the first thing that should be booked. Bare in mind that wedding venues are often booked up to a year or 2 in advance, so prioritize this over everything else. If you live in Staffordshire, you know that it is one of the loveliest places to get married in. Aside from the vast beauty of the area, the hundreds of wedding venues in staffordshire will leave you overwhelmed. Of course that just means that you have more options.

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Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are becoming very popular in Staffordshire. Couples love booking Christmas Eve and New Years eve as their wedding days. This also means a busy time for the county's registrars. Most couples agree that Christmas is a magical time of year and what better time of year to have your wedding. There is something magical about the winter season and an increasing number of couples are adamant that they wouldn't marry at any other time of year. Staffordshire is a beautiful city and even getting married in the summer time would be really memorable.

Choosing a venue

With more than 100 venues to choose from, you will not be disappointed. No matter what you dream wedding entails. Be it a Castle, football field or theme park, Staffordshire has it all. So you need to decide what type of setting really defines who you are and what you think of life. It is very important that you choice of venue reflect this and that you don't get caught up in pleasing everyone around you. Of course, if you had to liaise with your spouse-to-be and reach a compromise, then that would be perfectly acceptable. Just make sure that it ultimately reflects who you both are. Wedding venues are also expensive, so that's another reason to make a great choice.

Your Big Day

Some people are so full of nerves on their special day that they can barely enjoy it. This is why you need to make sure that you have your keepsakes such as videos and photos of this special day. It is always nice to look back at them decades from now and reminisce about the day. Staffordshire has plenty of honeymoon destinations as well. So you don't have to look far. Choose from charming hideaways in the country or modern five star hotels in the city. No matter what your choice may be Staffordshire promises not to disappoint. This county has been a popular wedding destination for decades and as such various venues and honeymoon destinations have started popping up all over town. Marriage is a big step and when you take away the bells and whistles of that big day, you need should be sure that your dashing partner is truly your soul mate.